September 13, 2008

Our Most Recent Home on the Web

I have spent most of the day playing with my computer, which can always be a dangerous thing for me. Instead of cleaning out my mailbox (with nearly 2,000 messages - yikes!) or cleaning off my desktop (which is full of digital scrapbooking zip files) I have been reading blogs and deciding that I don't really like the look and format of my Scrap Wow site. So, I've decided to start a more common type of blog on Google's Blogspot. The purpose of this site remains the same as my Scrap Wow site - sharing my digital scrapbook pages and posting occasional news items. I think I'll keep both going for a while to see which one I want to use; but for now, I've found something new to occupy my time!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am wasting some time playing on my computer, also! (I justify it by saying I am waiting for my oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies to bake.)

I do love the new look of your blog. I always felt like I didn't get a good look at your photos on your other site. I say excellent time spent playing!

Ann Garcia