September 28, 2008

Winter Hike

What fun I had working on this layout!! I just finished another online class at using layered templates - Speed Bytes designed by Pattie Knox (Designer Digtals.) What a fun class, and I learned some fun new things in Photoshop Elements!

We had such a fun time in Minnesota last Christmas, but we are really looking forward to spending Christmas in Colorado this year since we will be there on December 21 for Courtney Sanchez's wedding. We're really hoping that all of the boys and Ginny and Anna will be able to be there too.

We are so thankful for God's provisions and care!

Sean is starting his new job as an internal auditor with Dish Network tomorrow, making about double the salary that he was making in Liberty's accounting department.

Peter is feeling stretched, but enjoying his new job with My Innerview, doing statistical analysis in order to help provide improved management plans to long-term health care facilities. Ginny is loving being a stay-at-home Mom with Anna. Right now Peter and Ginny and Anna are living with Ginny's parents, and are helping provide support as the family is dealing with the loss of Ginny's grandfather, Cal. Ginny's mom, Sarah, has said what a blessing it is to have Anna there - her joy in this time of sorrow.

Jim just mentioned yesterday that he may be adding two more English language students; and if he does, he will be earning more as a tutor 16 hours a week than he did as a full-time teacher's aide at my school last year!

Patrick is keeping very busy doing free-lance graphic design work and is accomplishing his goal of reducing debt.

I am loving teaching more than ever this year, and have one of the most hard-working, talented groups of mathematics students that I have ever taught.

God is good, and we are very blessed!


Terry said...

Beautiful LO's and I am enjoying getting a glimpse of what the Lord has done in your life. God Bless.

Ginny said...

The last several layouts are so wonderful. The one with Amy & Julie really touched my heart. I love to think of all the amazing people Anna has in her life. Ginny