October 21, 2008

And the Winner is.....

This was so much fun! We loved reading all of the posts, and it was fun hearing Dena giggle as she read them for the first time tonight. She had a hard time choosing the winner, but she loved the imagery of Karen's comparison of our adventure to a romantic adventure movie:
"I picture a Richard Gere/Diane Lane or Robert Redford/Meryl Streep movie of you two riding around the beautiful countryside in a bus."
She also liked Karen's questions about the salt mine.

So, Karen, we will be posting pictures soon of your handcrafted Colombian bag, and we need to know if you want it to contain coffee or chocolate! Congratulations!!

A very close second was Christine's poem, however, which we all agreed was worth some Colombian chocolate as a second-place prize. We're pretty sure you wouldn't want the coffee - are we right, Christine?

That was so much fun that we may need to have another contest in the future!!

Thanks to all of you who participated - we love reading those comments!!

1 comment:

CS said...

How nice of you to award a second-place prize of Colombian chocolate! Will you be awarding the prize in person? We sure would enjoy seeing you while you are in Colorado.

I look forward to a future contest!