October 27, 2008

Scrunchy Nose

There are some things that I'm really going to miss about living in Colombia. What did I do this weekend? Friday night we had a nice dinner out in Centro. I had a half of glass of wine and nearly slept through the rest of the evening - very relaxing! Jim and I have a Saturday routine that consists of doing the budget, making menus and a grocery list for the week and going shopping for groceries. I spent a couple of hours working on the chapter bylaws with the president of National Honor Society while Jim played Settlers with friends. Sunday Jim and I had a meaningful time digging into scripture and preparing for our bible study on the failings of Peter and how to apply the lessons to our lives when our human relationships are bound to have failings. I also baked ginger cookies to take to bible study for treats.

What did I NOT do this weekend? I didn't clean house, do the laundry or do any ironing. In fact, I never do any of those things because our maid, Argelia, comes three times a week to do it for us. I love coming home from school to a clean house and laundry done. That gives me more time for scrapbooking! I do cook, but Jim and Dena do dishes, so I have it pretty good! View on Smug Mug
So, here's my third finished layout from this weekend. Anna has such cute expressive faces! If you look really close at any pictures of me with a big smile, you will see that same scrunchy nose on MY face! That really makes me smile and scrunch up my nose even more!!

O.K. Time for (actually way past time for) bed. It's Monday and school is in seven hours. I'd better quit having scrapbook fun and get to bed, but when I come home from school tomorrow, the house will be clean and the laundry will be done. Life is good!

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Terry said...

She is so so cute! This is a beautiful LO. When are you planning on leaving Colombia? Soon?