November 1, 2008

This is LilyAnn

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LilyAnn is the daughter of one of my former students, Josva, and Josva's wife, Nancy. I have only met LilyAnn once, and she would not even know me if she saw me. Even so, I was tremendously honored when Josva and Nancy asked me to be her Godmother. So, even though LilyAnn and I have always lived far apart, I have prayed for this precious, beautiful family, and for Josva for many years.View on Smug Mug
For a long time, I have thought about something special that I could do for LilyAnn. After seeing several of the beautiful pictures that had been taken of her, I decided that I should start a scrapbook for her. Maybe some day we will get to know each other, but even if not, she will have these scrapbook pages as a reminder that I was thinking about her and praying for her all along!

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Terry said...

What a beautiful girl! I just love her name--Lily-Ann. Reminds me of purity. The LO's are beautiful. I especially like the top one--like how the picture is blended and the monochrome colors with the exception of the hint of blue in the journal strip. What a geat idea to make her an album--she will cherish this when she is older. The best gift of all--your prayers for her!