May 24, 2009

We're Still Safe in Colombia

My sister, Teri, emailed me last week to find out if we were O.K., since we hadn't done a new post on our blog for a while. She said she started thinking, "After all, they do live in Colombia, so maybe I'd better check to see if everything's O.K.!" That made me laugh!!

It's that time of the year (end of school) when things get crazy. Extra so this year since I'm also looking for a job. Anybody know of a high school math teaching position in Colorado? I've applied for several, but the only reply that I've gotten is that there have been close to 100 qualified applicants for one job! What happened to the days when math teachers were scarce?

It's kind of forcing us to look at some more options - I'll do another post on that with more details at a later date!

We've also been busy with some serious socializing with good friends that we have made over the past two years. Some of them will be moving to different parts of the world. Yesterday we did a one-day sailboat trip to Cholon on one of the Rosario Islands. We visited, ate and sat in chairs around a table that were IN THE WATER! That's something we probably won't be doing when we return to Colorado. Here's a picture of Jim and me enjoying the relaxing, cool water.
Earlier this month we enjoyed a fun party on a pirate ship. Here are my layouts from that:View on Smug MugView on Smug Mug
So, you see, we are doing great, having lots of fun, working hard and winding down our time in Cartagena!

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Terry said...

love the pirate layouts! The colors are just great with the photos.

ughh......TX has lots of openings for math teachers!! I'll keep your job situation in prayer