March 24, 2010

Snow Day!

What a wonderful blessing I received last night - the well anticpated call with the recorded message that said in so many words, no school for Aurora Public Schools on Wednesday, March 24! Yippee!! This is what I see when I look out our front door today:
So, what do I do on a day when I would normally be spending nine plus hours at school; but, instead, I get to spend the day at home? There are soooo many options.

When the alarm rang this morning, I knew I had a choice: stay in our warm, cozy bed with flannel sheets and nurse the cold that I've been battling for the last few days or get up at 5:15 am to bake muffins for Jim and Sean, who are off to work when I get to stay home.

I really have been wanting to try a new recipe for Orange Sour Cream Muffins with pecans. I probably should have stayed in bed! They tasted O.K., but looked like little craters, and did not come out of the muffin stone in one piece.

By the way, the bed still hasn't been made and is softly calling, but I decided today was also a good day to do a blog post. My, how quickly the months have passed since my last post on December 13! So, what have we been up to the last three months? On December 18 (our 32nd anniversary) we closed on our Good Neighbor Next Door home, and have been in a remodeling frenzy since then. I had intended to blog about our remodeling progress, but couldn't squeeze in the time after teaching during the day and then spending 5 to 6 hours each night and all day Saturday and Sunday working on the house. We still have projects to do, but we are loving our new home, and feel tremendously blessed. I'll be sharing more about that soon - promise!

But, for today, here is a picture of snow on the St. Patrick's Day wreath by our front door and our cute little electric fireplace that I get to enjoy all day long!!

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Courtney said...

My parents said that you guys are doing such a good job on the house! I hope we get a chance to see it soon. =)