July 29, 2010

We're Home from our Vacation of a Lifetime!

We returned home Monday from the most incredible vacation - I think it may have been a dream! We stayed for 2 1/2 weeks on the French Riviera in a perfect little villa with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. We woke up each day with a beautiful view from our bedroom window, spent time at many different beaches along the coast and took a couple of day trips to explore more of France, Monaco and Italy. We ended our time with a 3-day stay in Paris. Believe me when I say, "pictures cannot do justice to the amazing things that we saw and experienced!" Our hosts for the first three days were Michel and Monique Legier, Benjamin's parents. The cute little villa we stayed in is their vacation home in Agay. While we were there several of Patrick's and Benjamin's friends came too, and we loved spending time with all of them! Patrick and Benjamin were wonderful hosts - shuffling people back and forth to the airport and train station and making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. We loved having Jim's sister, Kristin, with us as well. It was quite a memorable trip for all of us!

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Christine said...

How fun! Glad you had a great trip.