October 13, 2008

Janelle Fam Cameos Contest

Janelle Fam Cameos is sponsoring a contest! Here are the criteria:
1) Leave a comment on the previous post "Villa de Leyva" mentioning something specific that you notice in the pictures or in the post itself.
2) Ask a question about our experience in Colombia that may be answered in a future post.

Our roommate, Dena, who is an 8th Grade English and Social Studies teacher and a nonbiased observer will judge the comments for the winner. Hint: She appreciates humor!

The contest ends in one week, so post your comment by midnight on October 20. The winner will receive their choice of Colombian coffee or chocolate in a special hand-crafted Colombian bag. The prize will be deliverd to the U.S. in December or to Colombia by the end of the month.

Good Luck - we're looking forward to reading your comments!


Anonymous said...

Don't those silly fellow with the automatic weapons know that you should never wear dark green "camo" after Labor Day. I hate to be judgmental and I know their priorities are different, but......
Jeff and Laurel

Anonymous said...

Oosp! My mistake, you are still north of the equator, so the green after Labor Day thing doesn't apply. That's only in the southern hemisphere.
Jeff and Laurel

Jim and Tina Janelle said...

I was wondering when someone would notice those cute little guys. We sure were glad they were there when we were withdrawing cash from the ATM machines!

Anonymous said...

Tina, can you wear WHITE SHOES after Labor Day in Cartagena or is that strictly verboten? kjc