November 12, 2008

Anna says, "I Love Colombia!"

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I am, once again, in Grandma heaven! Peter, Ginny and Anna arrived safe and sound and on time yesterday afternoon. Anna was an amazing traveler, and has seemed to adjust easily so far. After breakfast, she took a little trip to the beach across the street for her morning play time before her morning nap. She is sleeping peacefully; Jim, Peter and Ginny are on a walk; I'm updating the blog with these adorable pictures. Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. As a mom of cloth diapers I have to ask Ginny, is she doing cloth on the trip????

Jim and Tina Janelle said...

Disposables on this trip! I got your email re:Christmas. I'm checking some schedules, so as soon as I know, I'll let you know. Patrick booked his flight today for Christmas in CO too!! Yahoo!! We'll all be together!