November 16, 2008

I need for time to stand still for awhile!!!

What a fabulous week it has been.

Most everybody else in the world knew that Sean was going to surprise us by showing up the day after Peter and Ginny got here. Dena walked in the door and announced, "Look who I found wandering the streets of Cartagena." I looked up from my computer and saw Sean standing in our living room!

It has been awesome having almost the whole family here together. Sean went to Tayrona with Peter and Ginny, so Jim and I had a wonderful time alone with Anna for the better part of three days. Anna had one little meltdown on Thursday night when she realized that Mommy wasn't there to nurse her before bedtime. Grandpa was the one who was able to calm her down and laid down with her until she fell asleep. On Friday night we both laid down with her at bedtime, and she went to sleep without any problem.

Peter, Ginny and Sean had a great time in Tayrona in spite of the ruined camera (Peter went swimming with it) and the sunburns. Sean said the beaches were the most beautiful ones that he had ever seen. He also went scuba diving for the first time today and loved it.

Peter, Ginny and Sean are at a salsa bar tonight. Tomorrow is the last full day that everyone will be here, and they all fly home on Tuesday - after a visit to my school to be introduced to friends and students there.

Here are a few snapshots of Anna's fun time with Grandpa this week - scrapbook layouts will be coming in the near future!!
I sure wish time could stand still for a while to prolong the time we have with family, but I'm also excited about spending time together again in Colorado for Christmas - and I'm excited that Patrick will be there too!!

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The Donahue's said...

The pictures are great! I am sure that you guys had a wonderful time together, and just think you will all be together in just a short month. Wish that we could see you all in Colorado. Anna Grace and Hailey would have a great time together!