December 14, 2008

That elusive thing called time

I really am not very philosophical. I like formulas and equations and right (or at least reasonable) answers, you know. After all, I am a math teacher. But recently I've been thinking a lot about time. Time is somewhat mathematical, but often it really feels that I am in a time warp, and the equations don't make sense. It just keeps going faster and faster - not just the years, but the minutes, the hours and the days.

I am really excited to be in Colorado for Christmas, but I know this week before we leave is even going to fly by in front of my eyes. I'm really not wishing that this week would go faster; because, the even more worrisome part about the quick passing of time is that once we are in Colorado, there is no stopping or even slowing time so that we can spend enough time with all of the people that we love. I already feel like the time is going to pass at lightening speed before my eyes.
That's one good thing about this scrapbooking hobby of mine. Even though the moments pass too quickly, we can always have records of the memories in pictures and words. Here are some of the memories from last Christmas in Minnesota. There are no words here, only pictures. But, the pictures tell a huge part of the story, and the anticipation of all being together again is heightened for me as I look at them!

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Terry said...

I hear you about time---I often wonder where it goes. Just enjoy every minute you have---the small things in life are so important. I've learned a lot about time since we found out Craig was sick again. Time is really priceless.