January 27, 2009

January 2010 Calendars are Done!

Here are our January calendars for 2010! You can see that we each interpreted the template a bit differently and freely changed it to fit our layouts. Teri's calendar (Click on image to enlarge):(Credits: Ahartline_BrrMini(free); JillDZines_SnFlk10shdw(free); ABR_Urbanlive_PaperSpec_Tan(free); RAK Jan 09 Collection ppr09_lngwntrsnt_dirgdon(free); DMI_Solids_Jewel_Snow)

My calendar: (I've already used some of these pictures of Anna, Peter and Ginny for a layout, but I just LOVE them, and needed to use them for the calendar as well. Aren't they adorable?)View on Smug Mug
We SKYPED with Ginny and Anna tonight. It was so much fun!! Anna was saying, "Hi!" to us, giving us high fives and blowing us kisses!! That is the most interactive that she has been with us on SKYPE. It's not the same as seeing her in person, but it's a pretty good substitute when we are so far away from each other!


Terry said...

love your calendar with the red! Beautiful! Talking on SKYPE is a great substitute-technology is wonderful!

pedro said...

I'm glad you were able to Skype last night. Sorry about the miscommunication - I have a work deadline tomorrow with high expectations attached, in addition to our house closing.

I'll try to have someone take pictures of our move to send to you. can't wait for you to visit us in our new home!

Kevin said...
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Ginny said...

I love all of your calendar layouts. It is fun to see Anna more excited when we skype with you:)