February 8, 2009

An Even Sweeter Valentine

Look at what my desktop gets for the month of February thanks to the Shabby Princess!! Jim took the picture of Anna when she visited us in Colombia last November. She was playing with blocks. Oh, I miss her!!


Anonymous said...
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pedro said...

She's really growing up! She's walking everywhere, and she's starting to use more words like "Mommy" and "Daddy" regularly. She is also mimicking words we say a lot more and getting the tone and number of syllables right. She also has this really funny little giggle she has started doing.

Last night, Ginny sent Anna and me to Logan Park down the block to ice skate. I pulled her around inher little red sled for a few minutes. It was a wonderful daddy-daughter moment.

We'll Skype soon, but we can't wait to have you at our new home.

Ginny said...

My heart aches thinking of you missing her~ but save it all up and you'll be loving on your little Valentine again soon. Beautiful layouts. Everyone who visits our house comments on the awesome calendar you made.