February 13, 2009

Peter's Sunshine

If you follow the blogs on my right side bar, you probably have already seen the most adorable picture of Anna on Peter's recent post called Sunshine. I couldn't resist doing a scrapbook layout with the picture and a few more that Peter took at the same time. View on Smug Mug
I journaled about Daddy's blog on this layout. It makes me wonder what technology will be like when Anna is older. Will blogs be a thing of the past, long since replaced by a new means of communication? It amazes me to think about how much technology has changed since Peter was a baby. I've been a "techie" all of those almost 29 years of his life. We bought our first computer (it was an Apple II+ if anyone remembers) right after he was born.

Whatever technology looks like years from now, it's fun to know that Anna will have a keepsake of one of the entries of her Daddy's blog with this scrapbook layout!

1 comment:

Terry said...

what a cutie!!

I often wonder what technology will be like also. Hope I am able to keep up!