September 5, 2010

Easter in September?

I know these are way out of season, but I haven't scrapbooked in so long, that I had to post what I did today! These pictures were taken when we were in Branson in April. I'm missing Anna and Simeon. Peter sent a video of Simeon walking today - it seems like I hardly know that little guy! The video reminded me A LOT of his daddy when he was just beginning to walk!
Here's the journaling: One of the “projects” that I planned to do with you while we were on our Spring Break vactation the week before Easter was dye Easter eggs. You started out with the little wire egg dipper, but you soon decided that it was much easier just to use your hands! Before you were finished, you were using both hands at the same time and dipping your whole hands in the dye to put the eggs in and get them back out. Grandpa Jim was cracking up while he watched you, but he was trying not to have you see him laughing so hard! You did a great job of dying the eggs!

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